Mandy Foot

(IIlustrator and Author)

Mandy’s obsession with drawing animals and giving them an abundance of personalitybegan when she was around 2, with chalk, on her grandparents pavement. Only then they didn’t look like animals or anything much for that matter. Now as a best selling children’s book illustrator of over 20 books, her canvas has evolved from the pavement and her studio is shared with her joined-at-the-hip border collie, Arty. Arty makes a guest appearance in Mandy’s first book with Raising Literacy, ‘Hush Say the Stars’ written by Margaret Spurling, published by Little Book Press in 2018 and given out free to over 21,000 preschoolers in SA (she often draws her own animals into her books).

In 2019 Mandy’s first children’s book as both author and illustrator, ‘Joey and Riley’ will bepublished by Hachette Australia.

With a Bachelor of Design specialising in Illustration from the University of SA, her career to date has also included such highlights as a lengthy relationship with the Adelaide Zoo Education Service, drawing enough animals to fill an encyclopedia, having her artwork chosen by students statewide to represent the SA Premiers Reading Challenge 2015 and having the number 1 best selling children’s book for Hachette Australia in 2013 with ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ (number 4 within Australia).

Mandy is thrilled to now share her love of literacy, creativity and drawing with thousands of school students each year via energetic workshops and presentations, particularly throughout Book Week.

Mandy is proud to be an Ambassador for Raising Literacy Australia and a Role Model forBooks in Homes.

Coming Soon in 2020

Esmeralda's Nest, Midnight Sun Publishing

The Last Dragon, NLA Publishing (National Library of Australia)

Warna Manda Baby, Little Book Press

The Hip Hop Barn, Little Book Press, 2019

written by Phil Cummings

Joey and Riley, Hachette Australia, 2019

Longlisted for Booktopia's Favourite Australian Book Award 2019

Hush Say the Stars, 2018, Little Big Book Press

Shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Awards 2019

The Bush Santa, 2016, Hachette Australia

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, 2016, Hachette Australia

This Little Roo went to Market, 2015, Hachette Australia

Bums and Tums, 2015, Hachette Australia

Captain Kangaroo Saves the Day, 2014, Hachette Australia

Knick Knack Bushwack, 2014, Hachette Australia

Captain Kangaroo and the Footy Final, 2013, Hachette Australia

Shut the Duck Up!, 2013, Hachette Australia

Captain Kangaroo and the Big Bush Bash, 2012, Hachette Australia

Below Deck on the Sunken Wreck, 2012, Hachette Australia

Captain Kangaroo and the Great Balloon Race, 2012, Hachette Australia

All Set for the Big Wet, 2012, Hachette Australia

Come Fly with Captain Kangaroo, 2012, Hachette Australia

Old McDondald had a Farm, 2013, Hachette Australia

The Wheels on the Bus, 2011, Hachette Australia